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Pathwork is a worldwide spiritual community whose purpose is to embody the principles and practices contained in the Pathwork Guide Lectures.

All lectures can be found on the International Pathwork Foundation website, www.pathwork.org.


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GLP offers several different avenues of self exploration: lecture study, individual sessions, process groups and workshops.

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GLP Helpers have training and experience in personal and group work. Contact for more information.

Sample Lecture
Pathwork Lecture No. 200

“The divine kernel is in every one of you. The aim of living is to realize this, to know who you really are, to remember.”


What is the Pathwork?

Pathwork is a contemporary, practical approach to spirituality which heals our souls and establishes a deep connection to our Higher Consciousness.

...Pathwork is, above everything else, a process for making things conscious.  This self-awareness unifies the split in you and establishes your sense of self and your knowledge that the universe with all its bliss is yours.
— Pathwork Lecture #193

The Lectures

The basis of the Pathwork is a series of 258 lectures that were channeled through Eva Pierrakos from 1957 through 1979. These lectures cover a wide range of topics dealing with psychological and spiritual growth. (Examples of lecture topics are: The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis; The Concept of Evil; The Spiritual Symbolism and Significance of Sexuality). Lectures may be found on the internet at pathwork.org.



View artwork created by Myra Alliston, Nancy Frazier, Mary-Louise McCarroll and Barbara Roehl based on Guide Lecture quotes.


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The fulfillment which the universe has in store for you is not separate and far away from you . . . . It lies only in the acknowledgement of what you really feel and think at this moment.
— Guide Lecture #133