Second Sundays:
Lecture discussion is an informal monthly meeting offered to all, on a drop-in basis. Held on Sunday afternoons in the Ann Arbor area. 

Lecture Study:

A series of classes to explore some of the foundational concepts expressed in the 258 lectures ( and provide a format for discussion and personal understanding.  These classes present some of the core concepts which guide us on our journey to our divine selves.

Individual Sessions:
Individual sessions provide an opportunity to work one on one with a Helper or Helper Apprentice.  The Helper uses Pathwork principles to help you explore and work on challenging or difficult areas of your life.  Each Helper or Helpers Apprentice has completed a four year Pathwork Transformation Program or its equivalent, a Helpership Training Program and is committed to the use of the Pathwork principles in their own lives. The Helpers are committed to supervision to maintain their skills.

Process Group:

Process groups led by an experienced Pathwork Helper offer the opportunity to apply the Guides teaching in a supportive group environment.  Work in a group setting allows us to build trust in ourselves and others and allows us to build community with others that are also committed to finding their inner truth.  Participants commit to meeting regularly.


Events & Workshops

View our event calendar for more info about all Great Lakes Pathwork events. Detailed information about upcoming workshops is also available.

“The Yes current is the expression of the Supreme Intelligence and Creative Universal Force. It is the Life Force. It is all that strives toward union, wholeness, harmony, fulfillment, fruition. It is Truth and Love in its substance and manifestation. It is life embracing and accepting...Its movements are smooth and harmonious experiences of unbroken consciousness.”

- Lecture No. 125