The Pathwork purification process is accomplished in two phases which eventually occur simultaneously.

Phase I focuses on making the unconscious conscious. Lack of awareness of what we’re thinking and feeling creates and perpetuates misconceptions and distortions. These mistaken beliefs unconsciously drive our thoughts, feelings and actions in a way that further wounds our souls and distresses our lives. Deliberately focusing on these distortions and misconceptions at levels of thought, will and feeling brings them to the surface. As a consequence, being aware of what we think and feel enables us to change if we choose.

The result of the work of Phase I is unification of the fragmented, undeveloped parts of our souls. This unification allows us to be in Phase II which is a place of learning to connect with the innermost center of our being. This center is where the greater consciousness that exists in all of us is found…the source of true wisdom and love.

Functioning from this center allows us to experience genuine peace, happiness, wholeness and fulfillment.

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