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Calling spiritual seekers to your true self

Offering support for your soul’s journey

Great Lakes Pathwork is a spiritual community that is part of the International Pathwork Foundation.  We are committed to the study and practice of the  Pathwork Lecture materials.  Our mission is to provide guidance for personal transformation and support for the soul’s journey to unitive consciousness.  We  offer educational programming along with spiritual counseling and provide a safe, inclusive and vibrant environment for growth and development.


Every human being senses an inner longing that goes deeper than the longings for emotional and creative fulfillment . . . This longing comes from sensing that another, more fulfilling state of consciousness and a larger capacity to experience life must exist.
— Guide Lecture #
The path means not that you are walking on a path that is already there, for there is no path yet when you first decide to take it. You have to make it; you are actually a ‘pathfinder’ in the jungle, and you act as a guide who leads the way through all the wild shrubbery and growth and seeks an opportunity to set one foot down after another, wherever that is possible
— Guide Lecture #36, Prayer
The fulfillment which the universe has in store for you is not separate and far away from you . . . . It lies only in the acknowledgement of what you really feel and think at this moment.
— Guide Lecture #133, Love, Not as Commandment but as Spontaneous Soul Movement
By becoming aware of your limitations, you eliminate limitations. By becoming aware of your unreality, you live in greater reality. By becoming aware of your lack of love, you will have more love.
— Guide Lecture #115, Perception, Determination, Love as Aspects of Consciousness

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